The first booklet was developed in 2014 during the project »Große Sprünge« (engl. Big Leaps) – a one year collaboration between Theater o.N. and two daycare facilities in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Theatre pedagouges, artists, and scientists from the field of early childhood education explored theatrical devices with the children and evaluated the project in the brochure of the same name.

The reflections document the results, discussions, and performances of the respective editions of our theater festivals »FRATZ International« and »Berliner Schaufenster«. We invited experts and authors to accompany the productions, laboratories, and events for industry professionals, to evaluate and integrate them into a discourse.

To make sure that all people have access to these materials, so they can be used in lessons, for example, we offer our publications here as a free download. A printed brochure is available for 5,- € (not including postage, if required). Contact: | +49 (0)30 440 92 14