Reduced prices

Kindergartens, daycare groups, and school classes from Berlin can profit from the voucher of JugendKulturService (JKS) and Theater der Schulen by getting a reduced ticket price. By handing in the valid voucher for the group, each child only has to pay 4,- €. For the adult companions we can grant one free ticket per every seven paying children from kindergartens and for teachers we can grant one free ticker per every 14 paying children from the group.

Further reductions are available for Welcome Classes, and people who are accompanying children with special needs.

You are more than welcome to  contact us by calling our office or writing an email if you have any questions. More information on the vouchers mentioned above and how to apply for them is available directly on the JugendKulturService's website.

Additional Performances Upon Agreement

All our shows will only take place with a minimum booking from 15 people.

We offer guest performances in schools and kindergartens, just as well as additional dates for shows upon agreement. It is also possible for us to organise workshops and theatre projects in schools or kindergartens. Additionally we can offer material for theater pedagogical preparation and follow-up of the performances.

Free tickets for educators to get previews of performances can also be arranged upon agreement.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your request.