31.05.2018 | Fratz Updates, News

FRATZ Reflections 2019 published!

Before our summer break begins, we are pleased to present our latest publication: FRATZ Reflections 2019 – Another World. Since 2015 we have been documenting and analyzing results and intermediate results, discussions and...[more]

13.07.2020 | Fratz Updates

Laboratory »Skin-Tone« shares video insights

Laboratory: »Skin-Tone« by Joshua Alabi und KiNiNso Koncepts, Lagos, Nigeria The collective shares insights into their research process on Youtube More information here:...[more]

31.05.2018 | News, Fratz Updates


We have good news: FRATZ festival and symposium will take place in a different form on two weekends in the fall of 2020!
 From October 23 to 26, 2020 and from November 6 to 9, 2020 we will hopefully show some of the invited...[more]

31.05.2018 | News, Fratz Updates

Premier "fragil": SAVE THE DATE

On October 10, 2020 we plan the postponed Premier of fragil which was created as part of the project Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum Berlin and will also be part of  FRATZ 2020. As early as fall of 2019, choreographer...[more]


31.05.2018 | Fratz Updates

#FRATZ 2020 Performances

Today would have been the day: we would have opened the 5th edition of FRATZ International! "THE BURROW - Group / Kids" for children from 3 years of age by Isabelle Schad would have celebrated its premiere, children's...[more]

31.05.2018 | Fratz Updates

#FRATZ2020 Research Laboratories

Even though we had to cancel the FRATZ Festival, Symposium and Encounters planned for April 24-29 due to the Corona Pandemic, our research and work on the topics continues! In the weeks to come we will present various projects...[more]