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Looking for a musician or puppeteer/actor (with instrument)

Looking for a musician or puppeteer/actor (with instrument) with an international story for a production in 2023 at Theater o.N.

Approx. 4-5 rehearsal weeks in total, main rehearsal period March 2023 - May 2023 | online application by 02 December 2022

Theater o.N. runs its own venue with a repertory with a focus on children in Kollwitzstraße in Prenzlauer Berg. It also organizes guest performances for its productions and theater educational workshops at other venues in Berlin as well as nationally and internationally. Each year we produce about two new premieres and organize FRATZ International and Berliner Schaufenster, two festivals for the youngest audience. We are interested in sustainable work structures, so we try to keep our productions in repertory for several seasons, and also take efforts to show them on a mobile basis at other venues.

Theater o.N. is looking for a musician with theater experience or a puppeteer/actor with musical skills for the production with the working title "Woanders ist nur ein bisschen weiter" („Somewhere else is just a little further“). Director and theater pedagogue Cindy Ehrlichmann is planning a production for children aged 4 and up with two artists on stage. The play is based on the book "The Girl on the Motorcycle" by Amy Novesky about Anne-France Dauthevill, the first woman to ride around the world on a motorcycle in 1973.

What we offer:

- Collaboration in an interesting artistic project with the possibility to work in an exploratory artistic fashion and to bring in own ideas
- payment based on current fees in Berlin projects of the performing arts, taking into account the recommended „Honoraruntergrenzen“ by LAFT Berlin
- long-term performance opportunities with the production (depending on the continued funding of the theater)


- Presence during mutually agreed upon rehearsal and performance times.
- Appearance as performer and musician in the piece
- Musical input in the rehearsal process

What we are looking for:

- Applicants who have an interest in theater for children and young people and, at best, have already gained experience in producing for children and young people.
- Applicants who play at least one instrument and can bring it into the production process.
- People who like to work artistically in a process-oriented way and have the desire to contribute their own compositional ideas
- Open-minded people who are willing to experiment and take responsibility, who like to think and work in a team and are curious about working for a young audience
- Since the play is about travel, about the value of opening up to other people, landscapes, regions and cultures, we are looking for artists with an international story who are interested in bringing their linguistic and cultural backgrounds into the production process, thus creating points of contact and identification for our diverse Berlin audience of children.

Please send your application with a letter of motivation via email to Cindy Ehrlichmann (director) / Dagmar Domrös (dramaturgy): In addition to written applications, applications via audio or video recordings are also possible.

Please let us know if you need other access: 030-4409214

Deadline for applications is December 02, 2022. Information about our focus and project activities can be found at .

Looking forward to your applications!