22.01.2022 | 3+, 4+, 5+, Repertoire, Kinder, FRATZ International 2022, 2+, 8+, 9+ |

Bubbles (2-10)

A watery-musical performance |

Theater o.N. (Germany) |

You can feel water, of course: It’s wet! Sometimes it’s pleasantly warm, like in the bathtub, sometimes ice-cold like the sea in June. But can you hear it, too? Actress Minouche Petrusch and musicians Florian Bergmann and Alba Gentil-Tedeschi invite young audiences into a world of fanciful resonators made of glass, everyday objects and surprising instruments. The main character in this piece is water in all its aggregate states. Played by the performers with wit and precision, water resounds, burbles, hisses and clatters.

Bubbles started as a FRATZ Lab with a research grant from FRATZ International 2019.

Minouche Petrusch, Alba Gentili-Tedeschi, and Florian Bergmann present Bubbles, a new work in the genre of »music theater for the very young«. Petrusch and Bergmann already collaborated in 2016 for a co-production between Theater o.N. and Deutsche Oper Berlin (Little Piece of Heaven). In 2017, together with Benedikt Bindewald, they developed the piece Sound Square, which was presented in 2019 at the Augenblick mal! Festival of Theater for Young Audiences.

Concept / Performance: Florian Bergmann, Alba Gentili-Tedesch, Minouche Petrusch
Composition: Florian Bergmann
Sound Design: Edgardo Gomez
Set Design / Costumes: Lisa Fütterer

Duration: 30 minutes

Bubbles is a production by Theater o.N., supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin.

[Translate to English:] Eine Kugelförmige Vase gefüllt mit Wasser, das Gesicht einer dahinter stehenden Person wird optisch verzerrt, links und rechts von der Vase zwei weitere Personen: eine hält ihr Ohr an die Vase, die zweite bläst Luftblasen mithilfe eines Strohhalmes ins Wasser