| FRATZ International & Berliner Schaufenster 2017 |

The Story of a Long Day

Theater for adults and children with dance, music and magic for ages 3 and up |

AGORA Theater (Belgium)

In a beautiful world, where everything is perfectly organized, Avi and Iva are solely responsible for making sure that everything stays just the same as it was yesterday: Lovely and clean, satisfying and comforting. Then one day, their cozy life is suddenly destroyed. Plug is alone and terribly hungry, and has even lost all her marbles.

This new production from AGORA Theater deals with the theme of responsibility in human relationships and conceives a utopia in which the difference of others can be acknowledged without losing one's self.

Iva, Avi and Plug welcome the audience into a cozy inner stage space in the form of a living room entirely surrounded in flowers. With few words, joyfully playful actions, touching songs and dance-like movements of daily life, they magically tell and act »the story of a long day«.

AGORA Theater was founded in 1980 in close association with student theater. For 30 years, Marcel Cremer served as artistic director, playwright and director of AGORA Theater and shaped it into a professional and renowned ensemble in the independent theater scene. The autobiographical theater method is a key component of his work. Today, artistic direction is in the hands of Kurt Pothen. Autobiographical theater methods remain an ongoing element within the works, and develop constantly further along with the ensemble. Collaboration with guest directors, playwrights and dramaturgs is actively sought and emphasized, as well as exchanges with artistically related ensembles.

Original premiere: December 10, 2015, St. Vith (Belgium)

Performance: Sascha Bauer, Line Lerho, Leila Putcuyps
Direction and script: Ania Michaelis
Artistic direction of AGORA: Kurt Pothen
Set design
: Céline Leuchter
Music, Arrangement: Gerd Oly
Choreography: Catharina Gadelha
Costume: Emilie Cottam
Light design: Michel Delvigne
Stage technology: Joé Keil
Direction and script: Ania Michaelis
Artistic direction of AGORA: Kurt Pothen
Regieassistenz: Anne Gladitz, Judith Thelen
Produktionsleitung: Judith Thelen
Theaterpädagogik: Kirstin Gommes

Length: 45 minutes

Co-production with TAK Theater Liechtenstein and Dürener Kulturbetrieb

Guest performance with support by the Berlin delegation of the german speaking community, the french community and the wallonian region of Belgium.