| FRATZ International 2022 |

Diorama (4+)

Object theater |

Hanafubuki (Belgium) |

Diorama invites spectators to go on a visual, poetic, and fantastical journey. In this show for children ages 4 and up, a wooden mini theater is used to place objects in a way that new realities are created.
The story starts on a strange morning, when all at once, the sun doesn’t rise round, but square. The animals decide whether they are for or against this »new sun«. In Diorama, the two dimensional becomes three dimensional, geometrical shapes become animals, the surface gains depth. A new world emerges and leads to adventurous, funny and touching scenes .

Hanafubuki is multi-disciplinary company that works with various artists from different disciplines. These cooperations dictate the shape and content of the works Hanafubuki creates. The oeuvre therefore is very diverse, with a focus on the visual character.
After its foundation in 2011, Hanafubuki initially worked within the visual arts. Besides workshops and small-scale events, projects were shared with the public in the form of exhibitions and installations. Over the years, the collective's field of interest shifted to the performing arts.
The young collective is dedicated to bringing oxygen and experimentation to the current theatre landscape. By creating an own universe in which objects are brought to life, fun is shown, and no ready-made answers are given to universal questions, each project results into a complete experience for the audience .

Created by: Sari Veroustraete, Hanne Holvoet, Samuel Baidoo
Performance: Sari Veroustraete, Samuel Baidoo
Text: Tiemen Hiemstra
Technical Support: Caroline Mathieu, Joris 'Sjorre' Thiry

Duration: 30 minutes + 25 minutes interactive play time

A project by Hanafaubuki with support from Stad Antwerpen, Fameus and CC De Kern. Special thanks to PodVis Festival Mechelen, Gravenhof Hoboken, Rataplan, De Theatergarage, CoSta, Sven Ronsijn, and Marie Luyten.

The guest performances DIORAMA by Hanafubuki and BOKS by Theater De Spiegel in the framework of FRATZ International 2022 are supported by the Flemish Government (Vlaamse overheid).