24.04.2020 | FRATZ International 2020 (abgesagt) |

Do-re-mi-ka-do (2+)

The Color of Sound, Performance, 2 years and up |

de Stilte (Netherlands) |

Helene knows how to conjure up music from anywhere, everything makes a sound. Even Viviana's body makes a sound when Helene taps on it. Viviana moves, dances and does not wait for Helene's taps. Helene thinks of other ways to make music, resulting in a cat and mouse game between dance and music. The music responds to the dance, the dance responds to the music. A dialogue of moods, conflict and friendship expands into a magical world of sight and sound. A feast for our eyes and ears.

De Stilte is a professional dance company in the southern Netherlands focused entirely on developing productions and performances for young people. Education plays an essential role in de Stilte's activities. De Stilte wants to transport children from their everyday world into the abstract world of the senses, encouraging them to become part of the story on stage. Based on this philosophy, founder-artistic director Jack Timmermans works with trained dancers to produce multi-layered shows for young and old. In addition, de Stilte offers amateur dance classes for adults and children (2+) and is the initiator of the Brabants International Children’s Festival BRIK (formerly known as International Stiltefestival).

Choreography: Jenia Kasatkina
Dance: Viviana Fabiano
Composition / Live music: Helene Jank
Set: Ellen Knops, Jenia Kasatkina
Lights: Ellen Knops

Duration: 40 minutes