| FRATZ International & Berliner Schaufenster 2017 |

A Bit of Luck

Storytelling theater with objects and a puppet for ages 3 and up |

Nicole Gospodarek (Germany)

At last it's her birthday – but now look what happened! Enraged, Luise leaves her birthday party and escapes to the attic.

Unexpectedly, she meets a fairy there – a special fairy.
Together they set out on a fantastical journey through time and space, a journey that lets all the anger be forgotten.
A story about the joy and the abundance in seemingly small things.

Nicole Gospodarek completed her training as an actor at the European Theatre Institute Berlin and appeared onstage in various theaters. Her first post was at the Theater der Altmark in Stendal, followed by an engagement at Stadttheater Heidelberg.

After several guest engagements, she returned to Berlin in 2008. In collaboration with Christiane Klatt (»puppen etc.«), she started to delve into puppetry. After several detours, Gospodarek founded her own theater in 2013. Since then, she works as an independent actor/puppeteer and - together with members of a varying team - develops children's theater plays as well as plays for adults.

Original premiere: October 4, 2014, Berlin (Germany)

Performance: Nicole Gospodarek
Direction: Judith Seither, Susanne Henke
Puppet and props construction: Kathrine Henneberger
Music: Sandra Mehlhorn

Length: 40 minutes