| Festivals, Berliner Schaufenster 2023 |

Earthly Wonders of Planet Magic (1-6)

Liaison à faire / Gestalten in Bewegung |

In »Earthly Wonders of Planet Magic«, even the very youngest audience members are taken along on a sensual and aesthetic journey. 

Lively and light, the piece describes moments of becoming, the miracle of forms, the play of encounters and the dance of life 
Three performers and a musician create a round dance of transformations with simple objects. As fascinatingly simple as it is complex, their play crafts atmospheric images of wandering planets, cells merging and dividing, turtles hatching, the meditative breath of a flower and the exploratory play of earth children 
Finally, they reach the here and now, the THERE and YOU, and invite everyone to share in Earthly Wonders of Planet Magic. 
A movement theater piece for children aged one and up and their families or daycare groups 

For »Earthly Wonders of Planet Magic«, the performers intensively researched the early childhood movement and play development of human children. The miracle of embryological formation became the inspiration for the piece’s artistic design, framed in thoughts on micro- and macrocosm 


Performance: Bettina Mainz, Lena Tempich, Amélina Limousin

Stage Design: Lena Tempich, Bettina Mainz 

Music: Jonas Fehrenberg 

Dramaturgical Advice: Amelie Mallmann 


Relaxed Performance 

Audience members are invited to make themselves comfortable on floor cushions. This allows families to watch the play while sitting, lying down and follwing their impulses to move. After the performance, children and adults can playfully process what they have just seen.