| Stücke, Festivals, Berliner Schaufenster 2023 |

Fabelhaft! (4+)

Manuel Lindner & Veronika Heisig |

Dance piece |

Curious eyes, gnawing mouths, dancing eyebrows and elbows look at you questioningly from small holes.
Who and what can we be? Are we always one, or can we be two or even many at the same time? How can we transform ourselves just through our movement?
With these questions, we dive into a world of the fabulous.
A swarm swirls through the air and lands softly, many-legged critters skip and tumble by, whilst cheeky figures dance in circles.

Starting from a handshake, the two dancers Veronika Heisig and Manuel Lindner merge into constantly changing creatures. They rise and fall between being human and being. On their search for forms and bodies, there are always new powers and abilities, but also challenges to explore.

»Fabelhaft« invites you to discover little things and curiously witness the transformations. 

There is room to lean back, close your eyes and dream, and then again to vibrate along, animated by the chaotic beats.


Choreography, performance and sound design: Veronika Heisig und Manuel Lindner 
Stage and costume design: Mina Purešić 
Costume assistant: Felizitas Wiesner
Original music: Peter Rehberg („Skin“), Manu Dibango („Coconut“)

A production by TANZKOMPLIZEN in cooperation with HZT Berlin. Additionally supported by the Deutscher Bühnenverein, Landesverband Berlin.