07.05.2022 | Stücke, Repertoire, 2+, 3+, 4+, Kinder, 5+, FRATZ International 2022, Berliner Schaufenster 2023 |

Flip-Flop (2+)

Dance performance |

Nasheeka Nedsreal & Theater o.N. (Germany) |

What could be more magical than letting your imagination run wild?

You may not remember it, but there was a moment in our lives when everything was new and always changeing and we were busy constantly building relationships with the world around us. Just in the blink of an eye – Flip: our clothes become a plaything. Flop: our body becomes a game. And so we invent a whole universe and experiment with different ways of being and relating to each other and the world.

Flip-Flop is a scenic play with gentle courage that inspires the audience's playfulness and opens space for new experiences and narratives. A journey of transformation can begin, to discover a new world and many versions of ourselves.

Flip-Flop seeks a playful and autonomous approach to the complex process of decolonisation at eye level with young children. Without words, the production uses a language very familiar to children: the imagination. The poetic body of the performance is formed – without any narration or moral message – through dances and games that awaken the desire to dream a world and above all: to play!

The production celebrated its premiere as part of FRATZ International 2022 and was performed in various daycare centres as part of the FRATZ encounter programme.

Nasheeka Nedsreal, born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, lives in Berlin and works in the fields of movement, music and visual arts. Her work explores identity, ritual, futurism and improvisation. She is a co-founder of »Soul Sisters Berlin«, a collective dedicated to connecting Black women throughout Germany. Recently, she explored the politics of Black hair in a solo multimedia performance titled »New Growth«, which premiered at Ballhaus Naunynstraße in Berlin (2020). In 2018, Nedsreal began working with choreographer Trajal Harrell and is currently a guest dancer at Schauspielhaus Zurich. Since 2019 she is performing in »Future Beats«, a performance for the very young, ages 6 months and upby Theater o.N., which performed at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg in 2020. In the FRATZ Reflections 2020 she published the essay »Touching Utopia. Theater as a space for transformation«.

Cíntia Rangel studied art history at Rio de Janeiro State University of (UERJ). In 2011, she started bachelor’s studies in dance at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). 2011-2013 she was active as a creative dancer in the company Cia de Dança Contemporânea da UFRJ and participated 2013-2014 in the Centro Experimental de Dança Afro-contemporânea (experimental modern Afro-Brazilian dance). In 2015, she moved to Munich, where she worked on several projects, including film, thater, dance, and festivals. In her movement research, she focuses on taking the risk of being contaminated by the space-time-body of everyday life and making movement an aesthetic-political act. She has lived in Berlin and Munich since 2020.

Theater o.N. creates dance and theater works for people of all ages and regardless of their social or cultural background. With its productions for an audience starting at infancy, as well as with the festivals FRATZ International (since 2013) and Berliner Schaufenster – Performing Arts for the Very Young (since 2016), the ensemble has been setting artistic impulses in this field on an international level for more than ten years. The theater works with a permanent ensemble as its core and seeks inspiration by inviting artists from different arts and genres to join the team and by entering into cooperative ventures.

Concept: Nasheeka Nedsreal
Dance / Choreography: Nasheeka Nedsreal, Cíntia Rangel
Dramaturgy: Guilherme Morais
Assistance Set Design, Costumes and Production: Anna Schröder
Sound Design: Edgardo Gomez
Project Management: Vera Strobel

Duration: 30 minutes + 15 minutes interactive play time

Flip-Flop is a performance by Theater o.N. in co-production with FELD Theater für junges Publikum and is supported by Bezirksamt Pankow, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur [District Office of Pankow, Office for Education and Culture, Department of Arts and Culture]. In cooperation with FRATZ International.