31.05.2018 | Babys, FRATZ International 2019, Repertoire, Kinder, 2+, Berliner Schaufenster 2021 |

Future Beats

Performance for the youngest aged 6 months to 2 years and their grown-ups |

Theater o.N. (Berlin, Germany) |

The earliest rhythm can be perceived as ritualized everyday occurrences: Calm and attention, satisfaction and protest, hunger and fulfillment. Our closest caregivers are the first ones to use speech melodies, rhythmic word games and noises, to constantly refine these rhythms, to amuse children with stimuli and build a relationship between children and their surroundings. Hence, time is made up of rhythms. It is divided by impulses, whether through a drumbeat, a spoken »Hello!« or a goodbye kiss.
The director and composer Bernd Sikora (»Pling, little thing*«), the dancer Nasheeka Nedsreal and the musician and performer Andreas Pichler aided by handmade instruments, create a rhythmic interplay that stirs the senses of touch, sight and hearing.

For many years, Theater o.N. in Prenzlauer Berg has specialized in works of theater for very young audiences. In numerous productions for children two years and up, the Theater’s ensemble has researched performing arts for the very young. Future Beats is the first original staging for babies to be self-produced by Theater o.N.

Premiere: 16 March 2019, Theater o.N. (Berlin, Germany)

Performance: Nasheeka Nedsreal, Andreas Pichler, Bernd Sikora

Director, Music: Bernd Sikora

Dramaturgy: Vera Strobel
Costume design: Tatjana Kautsch
Lighting design:
Kamil Rohde
Theater pedagogy consultuant: Madeleine Fahl
Instrument co-construction and stage set:
Markus Bünjer
Production management:
Kata Kovács, Olga Ramirez Oferil
Press work: Nora Gores
Funded by: Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe

Duration: about 30 minutes


You are welcome to move freely around the performance area, if babies have the impulse to do so. When the performers need space, they will give you a clear signal to briefly take children to the side. There will also be ample time after the performance to explore the sound installation at leisure. The performance includes singing, dancing, drumming and instrumental music. Sometimes it is quiet, sometimes loud – but never so loud that children get uncomfortable. However, if all the input is still overwhelming, you can feel free to leave the performance space and sit in the theater café for a while. You are just as welcome to come back into the performance space at any time. There is also a diaper-changing area. Please remove your shoes in the performance space.