| Festivals, Berliner Schaufenster 2023 |

High Water (5+)

Macromatter / Robin Leveroos |

Object theatre |

»High Water« follows a consistently changing landscape of everyday objects which are built and transformed by the water immersing each tiny world. Every moment is an experiment. »High Water« is an odd and curious inquiry into buoyancy – a series of tests, misfires, and marvels. It is an epic record of civilizations and historic events masquerading as a cheap party trick.

About Macromatter:
Macromatter takes things seriously, but not too. Under this moniker, multidisciplinary maker and insatiable tinkerer Robin Leveroos creates scenographically-driven work incorporating live art, animation, and handmade objects. Macromatter aims to strike imaginations and skew perceptions by exploring worlds where weight is given to the minute, the understated, and overlooked to uncover something recognizably human. With a rotating collective of interdisciplinary artists, Macromatter creates original performances and collaborates in processes that encourage curiosity, discovery, and play.

Performance, Direction: Robin Leveroos
Artistic collaboration: Elysse Cheadle
Sound design: Nancy Tam
Light design: Jonathan Kim
Production: Areli Moran
Assistance production: Gilles Yann Smrkovsky 

Sponsored by Canada Council for the Arts


High Water Trailer from Robin Leveroos on Vimeo.