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Backyard Stories (4+)

Short film series for all ages 4 and up |

Inback Company (Deutschland) |

Episode 1 "Der Hinterhof" - Youtube-Link |
Episode 2 "Rücken an Rücken" - Youtube-Link |
Episode 3 "Der richtige Moment" - Youtube-Link |


"Backyard Stories" tells of everyday situations in an anonymous building in a big city from unusual perspectives. The situation of being alone at home takes up concrete experiences of migration and pandemic and translates them into a timeless context. From window to window, new relationships and unexpected connections develop between an endearing ensemble of complicated and diverse characters. With them, audience members of all ages experience challenges of arrival, departure and change.

The Inback Company performers use only their backs to bring the characters to life. In this way, the characters are remembered through a unique blend of characterful abstraction and great attention to detail.

The inspiration for the mini-series "Backyard Stories" on the topic of diversity, empathy and uniqueness came from a research lab of the participating artists within the framework of FRATZ International 2020. At that time, Caroline Alves, Mareike Jung and Iury S. Trojaborg researched the question of how queer bodies could be represented in the theatre for the youngest under the title "The Superpowers of the so far not-celebrated Super-heroines" and asked themselves how to build a community based on trust and empathy and create strength from weakness.

The collaboration continued with the cooperation in the realisation of the short films and will now premiere as a FRATZ cinema screening at the Theater o.N. on Wednesday, 18 May 2022. Afterwards, the films will be published on the Youtube channel of the Theater o.N. for two months.

About Inback Company
The aim of the Inback Company is to develop narratives that strengthen empathy and understanding for human differences. understanding of human differences. Using a playful approach.
to develop characters whose physical particularity defies the usual categories, transcend societal norms and ideals, shift the discourse on what is "normal" and create new role models.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inbackcompany
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inback_company/

Caroline Alves
Dancer, choreographer, lecturer and psychologist
With over 20 years of dance experience, she has already danced for Brazil's most important choreographers, including the state company "Cia de Dança Palácio das Artes". Still in Brazil, she completed her studies in psychology and conducted research on creative processes in dance. As a member of the dance collective Grupo Oito since 2013, but also in the five-year collaboration with Natalie Riedelsheimer in the performative research "Machine to become-woman", Caroline uses dance as a medium to explore political issues such as "racialisation" and gender and to question the role of art in society. As part of the NEUSTART KULTUR#TakeAction programme in the performance/dance category, Caroline has been awarded funding for her solo performance entitled "Transatlantica", which she will premiere at Heizhaus/Uferstudios in June 2021.

Mareike Jung
Performing artist, choreographer and founder of the inback company
Mareike developed her own stage programmes at an early age before devoting herself entirely to physical theatre. She choreographed and performed for concerts at the Philharmonie Berlin and the Dresden Music Festival. She was involved as a choreographic collaborator for the project "Transatlantica" by Caroline Alves, which was realised at Heizhaus_PSR/Uferstudios in 2021. As part of the NEUSTART KULTUR #TakeAction programme, Mareike received funding for her solo performance entitled "Wann entfaltet Zartheit Kraft" (When does tenderness unfold power), which was realised at MONOPOL e.V. in July 2021. Since working with Theater o.N. in 2020, Mareike's desire to explore political issues in theatre has intensified.

Sandra Strauch
Actress, body therapist and founder of the inback company
For more than 10 years she created and led artistic events and theatre workshops, among others in the subcultural scenes of Germany and Israel. As an actress, she has appeared on stage at the State Theatres in Darmstadt and Mainz and at the Theater im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen, among others. She toured solo as a mime before concentrating her artistic efforts entirely on the inback company. As a body therapist, she deals, among other things, with privileges and discriminations that have been passed down for centuries and, as a result, culturally and physically inherited traumas and behaviours. Sandra is currently researching the intersection of the two disciplines - body therapy work and artistic work. The combination of these gives her the basis for both theoretical and practical research into how changing old bodily patterns and impulsive responses can transform our art practice.

Iury Salustiano Trojaborg
interdisciplinary*, queer*, non-binary*, migrant* artist* and dramaturg*
Iury has been working in theatre, performance, dance and opera since 2006. Iury works with autobiographical texts, images, documents and movements through which Iury Iury tells her own story and that of her queer, black and indigenous ancestors. In Berlin, Iury has since worked with Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Studio Я of Maxim Gorki Theater (2016), HAU (2019), Theater o.N. (2020) and SAVVY Contemporary (2020). Iury studied acting in BA at the University of Rio de Janeiro (2009) and performing arts in MA at Goethe University Frankfurt a.M. and Københavns Universitet (2012). Since 2021 Iury lives in Malmö, Sweden to complete his Master at Lund University.

Back characters: Mareike Jung and Caroline Alves
Author and narrator Arara Azul: Iury Salustiano Trojaborg
Direction and back choreography: Caroline Alves, Mareike Jung, Sandra Strauch
Idea: Iury Salustiano Trojaborg
Author and story concept: Nora Haakh
Dramaturgy and script: Nora Tormann
Costumes and set design: Sandra Strauch
Music, sound design and mixing: Joscha Baltes
Camera (DOP), editing and lighting: Julia Matyschik
Production: Olga Ramirez Oferil
Photos: Sebastian Runge
Duration: 30 minutes
Age: 4+
Premiere: 18 May 2022 as part of FRATZ International

Supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media