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Dieser Workshop für 6-10jährige Kinder und Erwachsene findet draußen statt.

This workshop for 6-10 year old children and adults takes place outside. Cross-country. We'll browse through the landscape and find out how it feels when children - and not their parents or other adults - set the pace for the time we spend together. Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's encounters with nature, we will feel out in our joint art action how much freedom we can allow each other and who has to leave their comfort zone for once.

Andy Goldsworthy is an artist who seeks out materials in certain places in nature, which he arranges into works of art and photographs them. Similar to theater, the installations themselves are ephemeral and are soon changed again by nature or even destroyed. The photographs, however, remain and fascinate us in museums and illustrated books.

All people from the age of 6 are invited. You can register as a family, alone or in groups. We pay attention to a well-balanced age-mixed group. If your children want to participate alone, you can bring them to the meeting point and pick them up there. You should be nearby and reachable.

By: Cindy Ehrlichmann, Iduna Hegen, Julie Peters, Andreas Pichler

Timeslot: May 15th, 13:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Meeting Point:
S-Bahn Hermsdorf, Heinsestraße 42, 13467 Berlin

The workshop will be conducted mainly in German but participation for English speakers is possible. Please contact us about this.

The workshop is not completely accessible without barriers. Please contact us for information and consultation.

Registration, information and consultation: accreditation@fratz-festival.de or +49 (0) 177 274 0631

Ticket via Onlineshop: https://www.theater-on.de/tickets-service/onlinevorverkauf/