| FRATZ International & Berliner Schaufenster 2017 |

Icilà | HereThere

A performance of hearing and playing for 6 months and up |

Benoît Sicat (France)

He welcomes the audience. Then, as everybody is settled in, he waits, listens and assimilates the surrounding sounds. This time is not watched, he must find the good distance, to feel himself available for playing. He is here to give a performance but first he needs to be able to receive.

Sound or visual information will emerge from this environment, such as light, shadow, reflection or either an outside or internal sound. Little by little our host will be made a singer. Every sound which he perceives allows many possibilities of imitation or answer, choral dialogue or in counterpoint. Every sound seems as a call for the singing or for the concrete music realized with the nearby elements. His musical part consists of different tones resounding between them. A cough, a tear, a sniffing, a laught, a fear, a sigh… Those are the materials which from he improvises and creates a live vocal and percussion soundscape.

All this is a free improvisation, about a space of improbable but possible exchange. It is a matter of opening borders between individuals, spaces, ages and culture. To be here and there: in this place at this moment and at the same time towards one somewhere else, a distant which can be a common space.

Benoît Sicat lives and workes in Rennes. He is a performer, visual artist and gardener. He works with extremely diverse media, ranging from film to theater, from desiging and observing nature to deforming and repurposing industrial objects. He also researches about how things transform, and collects their expressions.

In 2015, Benoît Sicat presented his interactive walk-through installation »Le son de la sève« at FRATZ International. Children aged 2 and up and adults explored a forest of resounding tree sculptures, ending by playing together in concert. In »Icilà | HereThere«, Benoît Sicat reduces the aesthetic material even further and focues completely on the voice.

Original premiere: May 2016, Brussels (Belgium)

Performance & concept: Benoît Sicat
Outside eye: Isabelle Duthoit and Laurent Dupont

Length: 30 minutes

Supported by the Compagnie ACTA, La Montagne Magique, l‘association File en Trope à Mirepoix, the City of Rennes and the region of Bretagne

Guest performance with support of the Institut français and the frensh ministry of culture and communication/ DGCA