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Performance |

KiNiNso Koncepts (Nigeria) |

People attach negative or separatist meanings to colours, they refer to others based on their skin colour – black, white, red, coloured… Sad about the many forms of colour discrimination around the world, the team of KOLOFU asked themselves: »Can colours just be beautiful? Only beautiful and nothing more?«
Plates, spoons, straws, wind and humans come together in this playful rendition of colours to show that all people can live and play together. KOLOFU sets out to create exciting and engaging moments for children, adults, and performers.

In 2017 KiNiNso Koncepts was invited to FRATZ with their production Sandscapes. The performances had to be cancelled because the artists weren’t granted the necessary visa, which caused a wave of protest. In 2019, Joshua Alabi was invited to FRATZ as a festival observer and participant in the symposium. We are happy to continue our working relationship with this year’s festival invitation.
KOLOFU is one of three productions that emerged from a FRATZ Lab on the topic of SKIN TONE. As part of FRATZ International 2020, the group researched skin colours, bleaching and toning, colourism, racial discrimination, and identity. In addition to KOLOFU for ages 2 and up, they produced Cream Body, a comedy for adults, and Skin, a work for children aged 6 and up.

KiNiNso Koncepts is a storytelling, film, theater, training and performance company. The creative hub was established with the sole aim of creating relevant statements with innovative performance and story-telling techniques, deeply rooted in research into their culture and tradition. Challenging the status-quo, they have trained over 1000 people in Nigeria and abroad, creating a large network of young people in the arts.
Joshua Alabi, founder of KiNiNso Koncepts, has led outstanding local and international projects across Africa and Europe. He has written, produced, and directed plays among others for the British Council/UKAID, European Union, Goethe Institut, and Mac Arthur Foundation.

Concept / Direction: Joshua Alabi
Research: Aniefiok Inyang
Performance: Aniefiok Inyang, Chinenye Chukwudi, Oluchukwu Ukachukwu, Julius Obende
Production Management: Angela Peters
Legal Advice: Praise Alabi

Duration: 35 minutes

KOLOFU is a production by KiNiNso Koncepts Production supported by FRATZ International.