07.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019 |


Performance for children age 2 and up |

Ponten Pie (Spain) |

Loo is a strong, hot and dry wind that runs on summer evenings from the West Inda-Gangenic Plain. Loo, apart from being a name of a wind, is the name of our protagonist, the personification of the wind. The performance shows a vision of the hard work to push the sand dunes across the dessert, devastating wetlands, seas and oceans that are in its path, leaving ships paralysed adits a sea of sand, forever eliminating its ability to sail.

Set around the bow of a sunken boat in a sea of sand, the show uses evocative music, buried objects and stunning visual effects to give its audience a first-hand experience of the destructive effect of this wind.
Loo is a play of great visual power and minimalism, where the plasticity evokes unprecedented images of the desert and its formations.

Ponten Pie is a company founded and directed by the actor Sergi Ots. Ponten Pie’s goal is to create unusual performances and stagings, reaching out for the audience by directly involving them into the story. In Ponten Pie’s projects different theater disciplines combine and speak through a new theatrical language.

Premiere: November 2015, Auditori de Granollers (Festival El Mes Petit de tots, Barcelona, Spain)

Original idea and direction: Sergi Ots
Assistant to director: Emilie De Lemos
Script: Sergi Ots and Emilie De Lemos
Actor: Natàlia Méndez
Set design: Adrià Pinar, Sergi Ots

Set constructions: Adrià Pinar, Pau Seguí

Costumes: Marcel Bofill, Nahoko Maeshima

Light: Adrià Pinar

Tour-Management: Ana Sala (IKEBANAH ARTES ESCÉNICAS)

Duration: 25 minutes

A Production between Ponten Pie & Festival EL Més Petit de Tots
With support from: 
ICEC. Generalitat des Catalunya / Theater Sagarra de Santa Coloma de Gr., La Sala Teatre Miguel Hernandez de Sabadell