03.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019 |


Performance for kids ages 2 and up |

KUDU Productions (Cape Town, South Africa) |

In a group of shoes each journeys to find its pair, searches for a partner, longs to belong. Usually, we pair items that are identical but what happens when the norm is inverted by unfamiliarity and the unfamiliar becomes familiar? Would the observer accept the unfamiliar norm? Would the spectator break away from what is normal to what is deemed »abnormal« by society? The performance raises many questions around belonging. Four actors invite us to the shoe party!

Using physical theatre and songs to tell a non-narrative and non-verbal story, Paired is a very playful performance. The journey of the shoes deepens more at the play progresses and make think about the concept of loss, walking and looking for a place to belong.

Founder and director of KUDU Productions is Lwanda Sindaphi, a southafrican director, actor and author. He holds a performing Arts Certificate from New Africa Theatre Academy and studied physical theatre and acting at Magnet Theatre. He is co-founder and Creative Director of Lingua Franca Spoken Word Movement, a platform and festival for southafrican performing Artists. Paired is the first production of KUDU Productions and took place at Magnet Theatre in Cape Town.

Premiere: 2016, Magnet Theatre (Cape Town, South Africa)

Stage Directing: Lwanda Sindaphi

Actors: Qaqamba Gana, Lwando Magwaca, Asiphe Lili, Livie Ncanywa

Stage and Costumes: Craig Leo

Artistic director Magnet-Theatre: Jennie Rezlag

Duration: 40 minutes

Paired was created with the support of Magnet Theatre as part of the 2016 Theatre-making Internship Programme.

In partnership with the Goethe-Institut South Africa and Helios Theater, Magnet Theatre.