| FRATZ International 2022 |

TAH DAM! (2+)

Music and dance performance |

MusicDance Cape Town (South Africa) |

TAH DAM! is a music and dance performance for children and their families. The show includes music from African and Western traditions, and has many interesting instruments like Mbira (from Zimbabwe), Djembe (from West Africa), Umtshingo (from South Africa), Adungu (from Uganda), as well as piano, rain-sticks, and singing.
TAH DAM! has five sections: The Water Song, inspired by water, it's movement, and the creatures living in it. The Wind Song plays with floating, blowing, spinning and whirling. The Earth Song, which is about rhythm and draws from the traditional Mapiko dance of Mozambique. The Body Song listens curiously to the different tactile sounds we can each make. And finally, The Song Song, which is an invitation to dance together and echo each other’s movements.

TAH DAM! was created in June 2020 in Cape Town through a research lab from FRATZ International. It has a website with narrated videos and activities that offer opportunities for extending the theatre experience after or before the performance. TAH DAM! hopes to inspire children and their parents to continue creating music and dance together at home. Together at Home – Dance and Music! (TAH DAM!)

TAH DAM! has five performers who come from South Africa, Italy and Mozambique. The group came together through the project MusicDance Cape Town, which is directed by Thalia Laric and Manuela Lucia Tessi since 2018. The project brings together dancers and musicians from diverse backgrounds and promotes collaboration across disciplines. The emphasis of the work is interdisciplinary and real-time composition.

Performance / Direction: Thalia Laric
Performance: Manuela Lucia Tessi, Vintani Nafassi, Sumalgy Nuro, Coila-Leah Enderstein
Dramaturgy: Nicola Elliott-Wong

Duration: 35 minutes

TAH DAM is a production by MusicDance Cape Town supported by FRATZ International and Assitej South Africa.