31.05.2018 | Berliner Schaufenster 2018, Archiv |

VoicesNoisesStone – on this earth at home (2+)

An interactive performance for small persons and big persons, young and old |

Building from the experience of two musical productions for the youngest ones - »Affinity«, a performance for the ears, and the sound-art piece »Pling, little thing*« -, the actors invite the audience into a room ready for experiments: where the borders defined by language are pushed open and everyone can play and discover, together or on one's own.

In the first part the participants go on a sensorial trip along the streak of the voice. Sounds whir above the heads. Silence. Eavesdropping. Are we hearing someone's cough? Is something rustling? Words? In Chinese? German? Turkish? A melody starts. A lullaby can soothe the children, a deeper sound prick up the ears. A call, a bird's cry, a fluster. Soft and quiet, as if we were lying in someone's lap. Loud and far-reaching, as if we were greeting from mountain to mountain. A rhythm appears. The hands clap, caress, rub. The floor becomes an instrument. Round stones roll on the floor, then big and angular ones join them. The room transforms.

In the second part we explore how the stones sound like. All participants are given time to discover their crazy variety of tones. Listening, playing, grabbing with the hands, using the drumsticks: we share moments of making music together and listening to one another. Then the performers lead the participants out of this playful chaos with the song »Elefano«, taken from the piece »Pling, little thing*« and end the trip by forming a circle and offering us a multi-vocal song.

»We have children, they become the most important thing in our lives, but do we really dare to share our LIVES with them? To see our lives with the eyes of a child? These eyes we used to have in our own childhood?«

 – French theatremaker Catherine Poher.
This workshop may be one step in this direction.

Performance, Percussion, Singing: Iduna Hegen, Uta Lindner, Andreas Pichler

[Translate to English:] Foto: David Beecroft