24.04.2020 | FRATZ International 2020, Babys, 2+, 3+, 4+, Kinder, Repertoire |

Trilogy I: i ... livin' space (+0)

A mobile music and dance performance for all ages |

Who am I?

In the first part of the trilogy, Andreas Pichler and Julie Peters dedicate themselves to a dance and musical investigation of different habitats such as forests, water and cities, in which we move as humans and which characterise us. Who am I? A rustle of leaves? Drops of water? An underground railway? Who has ever been to the sea and what does life under water sound like? Am I also nature? Together we search for the ME.

Julie and Andreas deal with interactive forms of theatre and dance in different spaces such as public space. They have already performed individual parts of the trilogy as part of the KIA Programme Berlin in various locations for young audiences.

Play: Julie Peters, Andreas Pichler
Costume: Veronika Pichler
Consultancy: Natsuko Kono (choreographer, dancer), Konstantin Uhrmeister (musician, composer)
Photo, design: Taadaki Kumagai

A production by Andreas Pichler in cooperation with Theater o.N.