| Stücke, Festivals, Berliner Schaufenster 2023 |

¡ca-razy! Attempts at chaos, flying and machines (4+)

Schaubude Berlin |

  • Object and material theatre with sound collages |


In "¡ca-razy! Attempts at chaos, flying and machines" two performers examine the crazy chaos of the insect world - with little dialogue, versatile materials, moving images, live drawings and sound.

I dream of this machine, made up of many small parts that work together. Is there a blueprint for insects? Are insects also machines? How many parts emerge when something breaks? Can I reinvent something out of broken things? 

The performance is suitable for people who do not understand German.


Performance, Music: Alpha Kartsaki
Performance: Stefano Trambusti
Direction: Franziska Burnay Pereira
Dramaturgy: Susann Tamoszus
Figure building: Gonzalo Barahona
Stage: Michaela Muchina:
Technical support, light design: Paul Friedrich

Duration: 45 minutes