24.04.2020 | FRATZ International 2020 (abgesagt) |

From Droplets to the Ocean (3+)

Interactive Performance, 3 years and up |

Hiša otrok in umetnosti / House of Children and Art (Slovenia) |

In the distance we see two drops – Žibi and Tabi, floating in the air. They join other drops and become a cloud. Then we hear thunder and Žibi and Tabi fall to the earth, where everything is very different from the sky. Along with other drops, they become a river flowing into the ocean. But when the sun warms them, they evaporate and travel back to the sky. And their journey begins again...
Art meets science in this interactive performance. Through the elements of contemporary dance, young spectators are introduced to the water cycle and encouraged to create their very own dance. Make sure to bring your slippers!

Hiša otrok in umetnosti, the House for Children and Art, is a modern cultural center in Ljubiljana that is among the most important institutions for cultural education in Slovenia. The artists conceive themselves as »relationship researchers«. With the help of theater, they constantly develop new forms of communication in which the spectators also become actors and researchers throughout the process. Both contemporary theater forms and modern pedagogical approaches are implemented.

Concept: Ajda Tomazin, Tini Rozman, Mojca Špik
Choreography / Direction / Visual design: Ajda Tomazin
Co-creation / Dance: Tini Rozman, Mojca Špik / Katarina Barbara Kavčič Popič
Music: Ana Kravanja, Duo Najoua
Set / Costume design: Iztok Hrga
Dramaturgy / Lighting Design: Anže Virant
Scenic production: Marina Hrovatin
Project proposal: Irena Rajh, Tadeja Pungerčar

Duration: 45 minutes

A production by Hiša otrok in umetnosti in co-production with Odprti predali.