| FRATZ International & Berliner Schaufenster 2017 |


Theater with puppet and music for ages 2 and up |

zirkusmaria (Germany)

A small girl encounters different phenomena – the sea, her shadow and her mirror image – and enters into a dialogue with them. She becomes involved with her counterpart freely, without reservation; she is curious, plays with it, gets into various situations, changes her mind and tries to understand the phenomena.

The world responds to the child and the child responds to the world. Instantly, directly.
These encounters are told within the dialogue of music and a puppet – soft and loud, wild and tender in sound and silence.

zirkusmaria - kindertheater performance kollektiv [children's theater performance collective] was formed in 2012 and has specialized in recent years in performances for children aged 2-3 and up. The collective has made it a goal to nurture and encourage children's interest in stories and content, as well as in the artistic processes being presented. Their projects always connect to children's horizon of experience and then move from there in directions, and toward ideas, that children might find unfamiliar or even unsettling, thereby creating new ways of viewing their world. zirkusmaria works constantly to develop performances for very young children, seeing this genre as an opportunity to enhance the repertoire of children's theater with a focus on artistic process and artistic media.

Original premiere: November 1, 2014, Berlin (Germany)

Performance: Julia Brettschneider
Idea and conception
: Julia Brettschneider, Matthias Bernhold
Music: Matthias Bernhold
Puppet construction: Wiebke Alphei

Length: 35 minutes