07.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019 |


A musical performance for children aged 1 to 4 and their (grand-)parents |

Wervelwind Ensemble & Muziekvoorstelling.nl (Utrecht, Netherlands) |

The performance piece Twirl is like a musical merry-go-round: five musicians send dazzling sounds revolving through the room, inviting the audience on a rushing, vibrant musical journey without words.

Everything is round in Twirl: the stage, the cozy circle of the audience setting, even the sounds. But just what is a »round« sound? The swish of a twirling dress or the rhythm of a bouncing ball? What sensations resound in the ears, in the bodies of the listeners, when the musicians swirl in circles, hum like a spinning top or squeak like a revolving door? Twirl is a musical ode to whirling.

The Wervelwind Ensemble has been giving musical-theatrical performances for young people for many years: they play fresh music for a young audience. The group wants to stimulate young children to explore the auditory world around them and to get to know new sounds. The main focus is on shared musical experience, also across generations – whether through listening, singing or playing instruments.
Wervelwind works collectively, exploring how to blend the roles of composer, musician and performer in music theater for children.
Muziekvoorstelling.nl is an umbrella organization under which three music companies jointly promote their shows to venues, the press and the audience. They are united by a common purpose and basic principle: creating extraordinary musical performances for young people.

Premiere: 3. October 2015, 2 Turven Hoog (Almere, Niederlande)

Concept, performance and production: Wervelwind Ensemble

Marieke Franssen – piccolo/flute

Stefanie Liedtke – bassoon/recorder

Douwe van der Meulen – oboe 

Rudi van Hest – clarinet

Anneke Wensink – french horn
Composer: Toek Numan
Movement coaching, staging and design: Virág Dezsö und Ide van Heiningen
Concept and building decor: Gerard Stek

Duration: 35 Minuten

In co-production with Festival 2 Turven Hoog.

Photo: Saris & den Engelsmann