24.10.2016 | Berliner Schaufenster 2018 |

Together [Zusammen]

ages 4 and up |


Living together in families and societies is becoming increasingly more complex and demanding. Traditional coping strategies are not longer enough: together doesn’t mean we’re all the same. Together means throwing our different ways of life, our different values and ideas, our different likes and dislikes, favorite foods, favorite colors, pets, children and families all into one pot and dealing with the resulting mixture – together.

ZIRKUSMARIA switches the spotlight on and points it inward— into city buildings, on a street where many people live together, and asks the residents who they are: Anna and Ben, Ms. Schulze, the teachers at a school, the residents at an emergency shelter, the childless couple, Simon the Decider, the preschool kids, Tom, Tim and Tilla Höckenschneider, the owner of the late-night quickie mart, the newspaper seller at the entrance of the supermarket, and all the others.

Concept/performance: Wiebke Alphei, Matthias Bernhold, Julia Brettschneider, Friederike Hellmann
Scenic elements: Yvonne Barth

Premiere: April 14, 2018 in Berlin

TRAILER of the precursory production “At Home” [“Zuhause”], nominated for the IKARUS