31.05.2018 | Berliner Schaufenster 2018, Archiv

VoicesNoisesStone – on this earth at home (2+)

An interactive performance for small persons and big persons, young and old | Building from the experience of two musical productions for the youngest ones - »Affinity«, a performance for the ears, and the sound-art piece...[more]

26.04.2018 | Berliner Schaufenster 2018

Prince Primrose is missing

A fairy tale medley freely adapted from the Brothers Grimm with puppets and live music for ages 5 and up | Retrofuturisten | WANTED! Prince Primrose, the fiancé of Princess Thousand Beauties, has disappeared. He was last seen...[more]

24.10.2016 | Berliner Schaufenster 2018

Together [Zusammen]

ages 4 and up | ZIRKUSMARIA | Living together in families and societies is becoming increasingly more complex and demanding. Traditional coping strategies are not longer enough: together doesn’t mean we’re all the same....[more]

24.10.2016 | Berliner Schaufenster 2018

Matti Patti Bu

A theater piece with colored shadow play, one actor and live music.
 For children aged 3 to 6 | Fliegendes Theater | A man and a woman create a shadow figure. They put it together out of various pieces, let it take a few first...[more]

24.10.2016 | Berliner Schaufenster 2018, Archiv

Tiny Twine (3+)

Installation/Concert/Laboratory for ages 3+ | Theater o.N. | In this magical laboratory of sound, visible and invisible threads connect three stations within the space. Three sorcerer’s apprentices have brought their...[more]

24.10.2016 | 2+, Kinder, Repertoire, Berliner Schaufenster 2018, 3+, 4+, 5+, 8+, 9+, 10+

Sound Square (2-10)

Musical Performance for children ages 2-10 and adults | Theater o.N. | How can music be made visible? This was the question for the composers and musicians Florian Bergmann and Benedikt Bindewald and the actress Minouche...[more]

| FRATZ International & Berliner Schaufenster 2017, Berliner Schaufenster 2018, Archiv

Affinity (½+)

Foto: Privat

Performance for the ears for adults as well as babies and children aged 6 months and up | »Affinity« means appeal, and that's the subject in the staging: In an open space, the audience builds little islands. The performers fill...[more]