05.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019, Archiv


Open-Air-Performance for ages 3 and up | Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger in Collaboration with Nature (Berlin, Germany) | Commissioned by Theater o.N. for FRATZ International 2019 | Out of a desire to recognize and...[more]

31.05.2018 | Babys, FRATZ International 2019, Repertoire, Kinder, 2+, Berliner Schaufenster 2021

Future Beats

Performance for the youngest aged 6 months to 2 years and their grown-ups | Theater o.N. (Berlin, Germany) | The earliest rhythm can be perceived as ritualized everyday occurrences: Calm and attention, satisfaction and...[more]

03.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019


A dance performance for everyone aged 3 and up | tout petit (Belgium) | light! is a performance in which the light is dancing. Tiny lights and big spots traverse the stage. The light dances in rounds and the performers follow...[more]

07.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019


Performance for children age 2 and up | 
Ponten Pie (Spain) | Loo is a strong, hot and dry wind that runs on summer evenings from the West Inda-Gangenic Plain. Loo, apart from being a name of a wind, is the name of our...[more]

05.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019

Four on the floor [Vier sind hier]

Ensemble production for ages 2 and up | GRIPS Theater (Berlin, Germany) | They know each other well. One practices flying. Two is amazed at his feet: One of them goes along with the other one – moving forward! One and Two are...[more]

03.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019


Performance for kids ages 2 and up | 
KUDU Productions (Cape Town, South Africa) | In a group of shoes each journeys to find its pair, searches for a partner, longs to belong. Usually, we pair items that are identical but what...[more]

06.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019


Interactive dance performance for children from 0 to 18 months | 
JIENKYO - Japan Union of Theatre Companies for Children and Young People and Morawska-Rubczak/Małecka (Tokyo, Japan and Poznań, Poland) | 
Dynamic, light, airy,...[more]

07.05.2019 | FRATZ International 2019


A musical performance for children aged 1 to 4 and their (grand-)parents | Wervelwind Ensemble & Muziekvoorstelling.nl (Utrecht, Netherlands) | The performance piece Twirl is like a musical merry-go-round: five musicians...[more]